As soon as Paul was old enough to fly, his parents would take him on trips to their home country — the Philippines, where they made a point imbue him with an understanding of the disparities of being middle class in different countries.

Such an understanding of his parents’ many sacrifices to immigrate to the US informs the way Paul approaches his work with luxury brands.

Immediately after college, Paul found himself working for one of the most prestigious luxury magazines as an accountant. He took the job because he dreamed of being close to anything publishing. With his foot in the door, he convinced Art Directors to take him on photo shoots. Several years later Paul finds his name and photography on the featured 30+ page spread of that magazine company’s most coveted issue, Robb Report Car of the Year. Since then, Paul has amassed the skills needed to create content in motion and stills for nearly every format and platform popularly used today, while maintaining the sensibilities that companies like Audi and Lexus have come to expect of his creative campaigns.

With every project, Paul explores and redefines his personal views on luxury. Emphasizing craftsmanship, design, and heart, each click of his camera infuses calming energy and approachability into the end product, that’s often lacking in today’s influencer driven media.

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