Keep on Truckin’


What’s worse: being snowed in, or suffering an endless drought? I’d rather be snowed in.

I know many of my friends in other parts of the country are having a horrible time with the snow, but if we don’t see a significant amount of rain here soon, I’m going to die of thirst.

Trapped by a never-ending spell of pleasantly warm weather, I started feeling stir crazy. I needed to get out of LA and find something resembling a ,real, winter.

With a few friends, we drove out to a friend’s cabin in Tahoe ” 6,000 ft elevation on the border of Nevada in Northern California. There was no sign of the Polar Vortex here, just a couple inches of snow, but enough to make it look like winter. Good enough for me!

We broke out the skis and snowshoes, and had a fun time with the help of some man-made snow on the slopes. It was great to just get out of the city and hang out with good friends who know how to make the best out of things.



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