Speed. Romance. Luxury.


Fast cars, premiere locations, stories of love, and so many talented people ” I want to share.

Through my work with ultra-luxury editorial clients ” including Robb Report ” it’s actually easier for me to get my hands on a Bentley than a Chevy, easier for me to shoot at a five-star resort than a warehouse downtown. A hard problem to have! This type of access is something this Navy-brat would have never have dreamed of as a kid.

With my marketing and social media team, we created this fun way to share my favorite projects. This series of films celebrate speed, romance and luxury. But always from a humble perspective. As I watch a Bentley reveal itself through a dense fog or a new AMG Mercedes power over a hill, it feels like a fantasy or a dream come true.

Just a little fun for the summer ” Dimalanta Summer Drive-In. Head over to Facebook and ,like, my page to catch the whole series.

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