The Luxury of Touch

Touch is one of the greatest luxuries we can give another living being”the quickest, most effective way to show warmth, care and love.


My wife speaks Farsi, and one of the words I’ve learned from her is naz. It means the act of giving someone physical attention”a tickle on the arm, a caress of the hair, a back scratch.

When two people touch, it’s always intimate. I love capturing a child’s chubby fingers wrapped around his mother’s hand while he sleeps as much as I love seeing a couple that’s been married for 60 years holding hands as they walk down the street.


And the intimacy of touch extends to animals, too. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing and filming cats, dogs, horses and more, and it’s amazing to see how much a gentle pat on the head or stroke of the back can change an animal’s disposition.


To me, touch is one of the greatest luxuries there is. Whenever I’m able to capture it on film, I think, œThese are the moments I live for. I’m always grateful to witness and receive a kind and loving touch, and I hope you are, too.

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