BRAND = Font + Color



Meet Jean Francois Porchez.  In fashion so much of what makes a piece fashionable can be found in the details.  This is true in the fashion of graphic design and typography.  As example, the flourish style for a serif or the weight of a line are some of the many defining characteristics of a font.  Porchez has a well known career making precise decisions about these subtle nuances while creating custom fonts for brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vitton.

I caught up with Porchez at the Custom Hotel near the Otis College of Design.  He was lecturing at the College and spent his last night in town speaking to LA professionals at this chic hotel.  The evening was presented by AIGA LA, with the support of Behance and Oishii Creative.   With punch lines ending with Helvetica, Ditto or Garamond this niche crowd was highly amused.

Here is a little more of the evening. 

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