Built in 30 Days

The energy on campus was electric! And I don’t think it was just the syrup and chocolate chips from the pancake breakfast. The children watched excitedly as the first piece of the puzzle was being positioned.

The trucks rolled in, a crane was put in place and in about six hours a vacant footprint transformed into four new classrooms. This marvel of innovative building for the Brentwood School was captured with several cameras posted all over the campus, attached to cranes and hitching rides on multiple parts of classrooms as the interlocking pieces were lifted several stories in the air and into place on the campus. The whole event, like a beautiful ballet, was masterfully choreographed by Tony Sarich, the VP of Operations for American Modular Systems, creators of Gen 7.

As each piece was set to the ground applause rang from the students and faculty on the various viewpoints all over campus.  Going green was never so beautiful.

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