Yes! I get to drive the cars.

I had the engine revved to 5,000 rpm. Our talent was sitting shotgun and my DP was crammed in the tiny back seat. When I let go of the brake we go from 0-60 in under 4 seconds.  The G-force from the acceleration was incredible and as soon as I let off the throttle we […]

The Luxury of Falling

Today I want to talk about the luxury of falling. I know what you’re thinking: That sounds scary, not like a luxury. But having the peace of mind to allow yourself the option of falling”believing in a project so much that you’re willing to let it take on a life of its own”is something rare. […]

The Luxury of Snow

The sight of snow always amazes me. You see, I grew up on the beach. In winter, the powdery white stuff under my feet was sand, not snow. And even as an adult”even though I’ve now seen snow dozens of times, and am decent snowboarder”it’s still amazing to me. Snow is a luxury. The cold […]

Cappadocia ” Hot Air and Fairy Chimneys

We could have been halfway between Bakersfield and Las Vegas, but I was on the other side of the world, just a couple hundred miles from the Syrian border. A domestic flight had transported us from bustling Istanbul to this bleak and desolate landscape. We paid our driver with Turkish Lira as he deposited us at […]

Let’s Ride: Love / Hate

The bond between siblings is unique ” you spend your childhood forced to spend most of your time together, competing for the attention of your parents. Fighting is inevitable as the balance between love and hate swings wildly back and forth. Still, after the bumps and bruises of adolescence pass, siblings can often come together […]

Let’s Ride: In the Poppy Fields

Family road trips are one of my favorite memories growing up, driving across the country visiting National Parks. I would invent new ways to annoy my sister as we entertained ourselves for long stretches of time. These were the best bonding experiences. As these kinds of family road trips become less and less common, as […]

The Luxury of Gratitude

Every time I step into a great car, I am thankful to take the wheel of a beautifully designed vehicle performing in amazing locations. That humble moment of gratitude is one I cherish ” for the car, the engine and the vast open space. Imagine for a moment you’re in a 550hp vehicle, with legal […]

Turning to the Dark Side

I’ve done  done repeated work with clients in the pages of beauty magazines such as New Beauty ” yet this is the first time my work has been Botched. Approached by our friends at Oishii Creative, I was appointed as the director of photography to create lovely portraits of gorgeous models to be used in the opening credit for […]

Drive Like a Woman

I’ll admit it, I’m staring at you in traffic. I can’t help it! In LA, people basically live in their cars. They eat, take language courses, get dressed, pick their nose, and do their make up ” all in the comfort of their vehicles. It’s fascinating (and sometimes terrifying) to watch. Playing with that idea, […]

Off-Road Beauties

One mixed martial artist, one Miss Universe contestant, and one stand up comedian… Can you guess which is which? Each of the actresses on this shoot were not only effortlessly beautiful but wildly talented. (You might say the same about the vehicle.) It was a great day! Our primary location was Casa Elar, a stunning private […]