The Luxury of Snow

The sight of snow always amazes me. You see, I grew up on the beach. In winter, the powdery white stuff under my feet was sand, not snow. And even as an adult”even though I’ve now seen snow dozens of times, and am decent snowboarder”it’s still amazing to me. Snow is a luxury. The cold […]

Let’s Ride: Love / Hate

The bond between siblings is unique ” you spend your childhood forced to spend most of your time together, competing for the attention of your parents. Fighting is inevitable as the balance between love and hate swings wildly back and forth. Still, after the bumps and bruises of adolescence pass, siblings can often come together […]

Let’s Ride: Missile Park

  Growing up a part of a military family ” my dad was a Navy jet mechanic stationed at Point Mugu ” holidays such as ,Memorial Day, were about more than mattress sales. It’s our turn to teach the next generation about what it means to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and how […]