The Luxury of Snow

The sight of snow always amazes me.

You see, I grew up on the beach. In winter, the powdery white stuff under my feet was sand, not snow. And even as an adult”even though I’ve now seen snow dozens of times, and am decent snowboarder”it’s still amazing to me.


Snow is a luxury. The cold can be so harsh that it forces us to bundle up and cuddle with the ones we love. That need to share warmth, both physically and emotionally, equals intimacy and connection. Those are rare and precious moments”ones I find important to capture.


And, yes, snow can certainly cause frustrations, like slipping on icy sidewalks or getting stuck in traffic jams when we’re just trying to get home from work in the evening.

But the beach kid in me will always believe there’s nothing quite like riding on fresh powder after waiting out the storm in the cabin.


It’s all about perspective”about looking at even the most commonplace thing, like snow, in a brand new light. It makes you appreciate things in a whole new way. And that, my friends, is magic.

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