Dear Diary…

Crashing Lips NFT

I’m the type of guy that uses my please and thank you’s when I use Siri.

Why?!  I fear the impending future doom of our AI overlords, and am banking on them remembering who was kind.

I feel like the type of content we create, distribute and nurture will have long term consequences.

I have been studying quantum physics, I studies computer engineering at UC Santa Barbara before getting my degree in Art Studio (making art, versus a degree in Art History, which is the study of the theories that describe the evolution of Art).  I created computer data bases, that linked to photographs, and built a gestural power glove to interact in a live projection that interacted with the cursor movement controlled by the modified nike golf glove with exposed mother board that I had soldered a microchip, and resistors, and capacitors to, to properly power the chip.

I have a belief that at our base core, our stardust and every thing that we interact with is energy (what about dark matter?), and that energy grouped-together/entangle with create information packets, and that strong ideas become more powerful.  Simplicity increases luminosity.

I want to use this platform as a place to think. a way to refine my thoughts. I apologies now for how crude my thoughts are.  Sometimes I am frustrated with the world, more truthfully frustrated with myself – being scared.  I had many experiences in my life that may have set me back in some way, but I’m a hard worker.  I know how far I have come and it has taken a lot of embarrassment to get here.  Every moment that passes, I feel like I am getting to know myself better, and starting to wear it better.

I was always a math and science guy.  I feel like my mind works differently then people would are more literary keen, so please forgive all the typos and poor grammar.  Its a fear of mine to be made fun of for being dumb, but I’m also finding the joy in asking others to teach me something new.

I want to put-out positive content that shapes our future toward a better tomorrow at a sustainable pace. Even if its just a smile to a stranger on the street, I would like positive vibes to resonate as much as possible around me.

My martial arts training has showed me how small incremental steps can have huge gains after a lot of time, dedication, and commitment. I have a saying now “Commit to Black Belt” I see this as commitment to the path set out in front of you.  Go to the mountain top. Think about what you have learned from the perspective shift.

I think this is it for me.  I am not gonna proof read – just hit Publish and go to BJJ Class.

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