My Childhood Perception of Mortality

      THE STORY The memory of the first time I faced mortality has resurfaced as I explore the wold of AI generated images. I have this distinct memory when I was 7 or 8 years old playing in my back yard.  We had a bramble of berries behind our shed that barley had enough […]

How Does AI Perceive Itself?

  I think about what the AI is thinking as it paints.  It is very common for artist to put them selves in their work.  I wonder how the AI decided to fit itself in this painting.  How much is this is really about my inputs, my bias editing, my retouching, etc versus the magic […]

Drawn by Artificial Intelligence

  I got the invite to use Dall E 2, it is one of the latest text-to image generators that uses Artificial Intelligence.  While sitting in front of my painting, I wondered if I could generate a similar image of the painting by prompting the AI correctly.  I thought this would be a novel idea, […]

Dear Diary…

  I’m the type of guy that uses my please and thank you’s when I use Siri. Why?!  I fear the impending future doom of our AI overlords, and am banking on them remembering who was kind. I feel like the type of content we create, distribute and nurture will have long term consequences. I […]

Cosmetic Treatments

I had met Dr. Taghva at a photoshoot I was commissioned to shoot for New Beauty Magazine…

New and Rarely Seen Alpina

I was shooting on a misty morning in Napa. The sporadic drizzles made it necessary to have one of my assistants wipe the car between every exposure.  With patience, a rich blue emerged in the background of the photograph as the sun peered through the clouds and kissed the car with just enough light to make the […]

Know Your Farmers Market

You have to know when and where the various farmers markets are if you live downtown.  I love walking down the street to the Pershing Square Farmers Market.  In general, the vibe is sociable and I can talk about food with the people there.  Also, there is great variety between stands and amongst the variety […]

What She REALLY Wants for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is like amateur dating night.  It’s a deadline for all the procrastinators trying to work up their nerve to ask out that special someone or it’s the date that has been reserved for over a month! Either way, expectations are high, restaurants are packed and parking sucks.  So this year I have found what […]