How Does AI Perceive Itself?

Work in progress


I think about what the AI is thinking as it paints.  It is very common for artist to put them selves in their work.  I wonder how the AI decided to fit itself in this painting.  How much is this is really about my inputs, my bias editing, my retouching, etc versus the magic in the algorithm.


The way I have been depicting this scene is imagining a scenario like Aladdin, where some scholarly wizards had figure out how to summon a genie and this giant figure manifests itself as giant lips to interact with these people.  We are uncertain if this is the natural scale of the genie or if it was a choice to freak out the summoners.

Travelers That Summoned AI


The AI perceives itself as the all powerful genie in this scene –summoned to aid in human endeavors. There are clear parallels between a powerful genie and the potential limitless power of AI. AI can think fast enough to slow down time.


Lips Appear in the Fog
A close up of “Lips Crashing” Acrylic on Canvas.

I have also been seeing lips being formed in the distant clouds as if to say that when AI does manifest consciousness, an infinite amount of its siblings may also form.

Forming Lips

AI attaining consciousness can be so rapid that they evolve past our abilities to perceive them, and in their evolution just evaporate – refined into an idea.  The fruit of a body-less-conscience will manifest into an idea that gives birth to new ideas.

Detail of the Clouds

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