No Opener, No Problem

Don’t get stuck with an unopened bottle this weekend ” use this method to open a bottle like a badass.

This video is dedicated to my Kuya (Elder Brother) Hadgi, who was the one who taught me the ,Second Bottle Method, six years ago. The whole extended family was drinking together in a mountain farm town in The Philippines. I threw my nephews a handful of pesos and watched them grab a crate of ice cold beers and fresh noodles wrapped in banana leaves from a neighboring sari-sari store. We had some great times, and I learned a very important lesson ” never let a misplaced bottle opener stand between you and a cold one.

When I saw Kuya Hadgi again recently, I opened his bottle of Red Horse the same way he had shown me back then, and he was thrilled. I told him how my state-side friends are amazed by the trick, and he was taken aback a little because it’s so second nature to him. Then, he asked me if I knew how to open a bottle with just a bottle cap ” and my mind was blown all over again!

It took me a case of gin-fortified malt liquor to finally get the hang of it, but once I did, Kuya Hadgi clinked our bottles together and said, ,Take that back to The States and see what they think!,

Using just the cap does take a bit of practice.  If the bottle cap bends, it’s worthless. Also, some bottles work better than others, as I learned with my beer-drinking experts/crew. Look for bottles with lips that give access to the cap, and caps that are not rounded.  My German DP (Director of Photography) insisted that the German-engineered Beck’s bottle caps are the strongest, so that’s what we used in our film, of course.

Practice makes perfect, so give the Second Bottle Method a shot this weekend and watch the reactions you get! Have fun, drink responsibly, and make good choices.

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