Let’s Ride!

For my latest series, ,Let’s Ride,, I’ve tagged along with a family to see wildflowers in bloom, escaped the city with young lovers to frolic in the snow, and floored it along some of California’s most infamous strips of asphalt.

As this project continues, the diversity of experiences and opportunities become richer. I continue to learn more about love and relationships, manifested through the classic road trip experience, and the luxury of spending time together.

Anything can happen on a road trip ” a family bonds, friendships are forged, couples are formed, fight and make up (again.)


The anticipation of starting out on a road trip is amazing. It stirs up feelings of excitement, adventure and the freedom of the open road. Where will we go? Who will we meet? What happy accidents will we stumble upon?

¦ But what happens after the initial excitement wears off ” locked in the car with another person ” when the superficial conversations run dry and boredom sets in? Relationships can grow stronger or they can rip at the seams.

It’s this experience that I’m seeking to capture in my latest project, œLet’s Ride. By capturing authentic images of the essence of a road trip in motion and stills, I’ll be exploring the unique intimacy that unfolds in these situations.


The project will reflect a mix of my own personal experiences on road trips ” fighting and forgiving, near-death experiences, inventing games and ways to annoy my sister ” and the experience of the casted individuals in the moment.

The irony of this project will be that the very intimacy inherent in road trips will be invaded by my presence and my attempt to capture something œreal. I must guide a trip that will not only provide moments for creating beautiful images, but also give enough distance so the individuals can discover authentic situations.


I plan on casting existing relationships, which will add to the authenticity of the final project. To enhance the reality of the experience, I will explore using the cast’s own vehicles. Being in someone’s car is like being in their home ” when you invite someone to come on a road trip with you, you’re getting a temporary roommate (for better or worse!)

Road trips have always had a special place in my life. I grew up going on cross country road trips visiting many of the national parks in the US. More recently I have continued to enjoy road trips with my soon-to-be wife. Two fond memories that come to mind are when we rented a hot orange Camaro in searching for waterfalls around the windy roads of Maui. The other time was when we turned lemons into lemonade when I lost the laser cut keys to the Lexus New Year’s eve in Tahoe. Our friends in a second truck had lawn chairs and a cooler of beers, so we set up on the side of the road and enjoyed the views of Emerald Lake.


With every trip, I’ve loved just being on the road, gazing out the window and looking forward to the final destination. I enjoy the feeling of being quietly present with those who’ve chosen to come along on this journey. What a luxury!


Let’s Ride!

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