The Luxury of Adventure

I love the thrill of adventure”no matter how big or small. Having the luxury to explore, whether in a foreign country or just your own neighborhood, is something to appreciate. You never know what you’ll find, or where inspiration might strike.


I’m lucky that I get to travel for work and for pleasure. Recently, my wife and I visited Cappadocia, in Turkey, which is breathtakingly beautiful. We decided to take a hot-air balloon ride, and though she was deathly afraid, it was an amazing experience. It was a moment we’ll always have to share.


A trip to Tulum, Mexico, offered that same shift in perspective. It’s amazing how you can travel thousand of miles from home and witness moments both different and familiar.  Travel allows us to learn about ourselves and about others; to embrace our differences and our many commonalities.


As I think about these experiences, I’m reminded of standing at a crossroads in the Philippines.  I was on the other side of the world from my L.A. studio, in a foreign country, and I had to make a choice about which way to go. Each path offered its own adventure. It was a luxury to be able to choose.

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