The Luxury of Water

Here in L.A., if people aren’t talking about movies, we’re talking about the drought. We talk so much about the lack of water that there are actually days that I forget that we live right next to the ocean.


I’m a beach kid by nature. I grew up right next to the water, and I feel homesick if I’m too far away from it. I’m always happy when we get to shoot near the ocean”the sunshine and the salt water create a beautiful environment for our talent and crew.  The air is so much cleaner, skies are bluer, white clouds are whiter, and sunshine is more golden.


Experiencing the open ocean on various vessels is always a good time.  It does have its challenges”like bobbing up and down on the ship and making sure neither the crew, talent nor I fall off the boat. But at the end of the day, one of my favorite things to do is stand at the tip of the bow, watching the boat slice through blue waves and pretending my mind is steering the boat back to port. I love watching the occasional fish, or even dolphin, swimming just below the surface with the boat.


Water is so powerful.  I can recall a number of times I thought I was going to die from being pulled by the undercurrent”and yet it is an element essential to life. It makes me feel connected to everything. It’s a luxury to be able to experience all that it has to offer.

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