The Luxury of Warmth

After a long, cold winter, things are finally warming up. The days are getting longer and new buds are beginning to appear on trees and plants.


The light is different at this time of year, too, and I love documenting the change of seasons and all its nuances. The damp earth and the warm light encourage me to get outside and welcome the changing seasons.


The warmer temperatures make me think of all the ways we’ve weathered the cold to get to this point. In winter, we did everything we could to get warm, and share warmth, too. Now it’s time to start thinking about outdoor adventures”barbecues with friends and family; long days at the beach; and outdoor weddings on green lawns.


I believe that luxury is defined not only as things we possess, but also by experiences we have.  Sharing warmth may be one of the greatest luxuries of all.

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