Alfa Females


One vintage, cherry red convertible. Two gorgeous best friends. The open road. Perfect festival weather.

When women’s fashion line Love Stitch approached me to photograph for their lookbook, they already knew they wanted to shoot their boho-style pieces in an outdoor setting. As soon as I saw the collection, I immediately suggested a summer festival theme. The whole team got excited, and we started throwing ideas around.

I spotted a pile of cool weekender bags in the corner of the room, which were also part of their line. Of course, I was already pitching to include a car in the shot, capturing the journey to the festival. As the pieces came together, the shoot took on the spirit of a modern-day œThelma & Louise.

The perfect car for such an epic road trip? An Alfa-Romeo Spider, naturally. This convertible had so much character, and it suited our lovely, free-spirited models perfectly.

During the shoot, I wanted to take advantage of the dramatic late afternoon light. For our last setup, we were chasing the light higher and higher up the hill. I wanted to get an unobstructed view of the orange-pink sunset before the sun disappeared below the horizon, so we ditched the crew and headed up with just the models and my 1st assistant. Once the œsafe shots were captured, I threw a ski mask on our driver to give an edgy vibe to our last shot. Now, we had true renegades.

Going over the images with Love Stitch, we all laughed at this last shot. Then, we all looked at each other and smiled, agreeing that it would be the lead shot for the campaign. As soon as the image hit Instagram, Love Stitch devotees went wild. There were over 10,000 likes and 100+ comments gushing about how the image reminded them of adventures with their BFFs.

I guess there’s a little œThelma & Louise in every girl.


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