The Robb Report Serves up Micro-Brews




Welcome to the Robb Report¦ Beer anyone?

Working with Robb Report for almost eight years now, I was delighted when they approached me with a tall glass of beer.

Amongst the growing US market in micro-brews, the sophisticated readership at Robb Report are getting an introduction to the ways of a long established middle class drink. Well Cheers, because the magazine is featuring much more than what is available on tap at your local pub.

Submerge and take a dip into the oak barrels where you will find rich, dark and sour beer to compliment your refined palate. Mimicking old aging methods of fine whiskeys and wine, this beer delivers premium taste and a run at the competition.


The variety in flavor and craftsmanship of the beer took the pages of the magazine quite eloquently, even the connoisseurs were impressed ” score yet again for beer the underdogs! I’m getting thirsty.



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