Yes! I get to drive the cars.

I had the engine revved to 5,000 rpm. Our talent was sitting shotgun and my DP was crammed in the tiny back seat. When I let go of the brake we go from 0-60 in under 4 seconds.  The G-force from the acceleration was incredible and as soon as I let off the throttle we […]

The Luxury of Snow

The sight of snow always amazes me. You see, I grew up on the beach. In winter, the powdery white stuff under my feet was sand, not snow. And even as an adult”even though I’ve now seen snow dozens of times, and am decent snowboarder”it’s still amazing to me. Snow is a luxury. The cold […]

Let’s Ride!

For my latest series, ,Let’s Ride,, I’ve tagged along with a family to see wildflowers in bloom, escaped the city with young lovers to frolic in the snow, and floored it along some of California’s most infamous strips of asphalt. As this project continues, the diversity of experiences and opportunities become richer. I continue to […]

The Luxury of Gratitude

Every time I step into a great car, I am thankful to take the wheel of a beautifully designed vehicle performing in amazing locations. That humble moment of gratitude is one I cherish ” for the car, the engine and the vast open space. Imagine for a moment you’re in a 550hp vehicle, with legal […]

Bentley Dreaming

Bentley Dreaming from Paul Dimalanta on Vimeo. Ah, January — a month full of optimism and hope for the New Year. This film is full of that kind of dreaming. This car is so beautiful and drives so well that it makes me want it in my garage. Whether it’s your dream to have a […]

Spice Up the Gift Giving Season

AUDI A8 W12 from Paul Dimalanta on Vimeo. As we make the last minute preparations for the Holidays, don’t forget to have a little fun. Take a cue from our couple in this film cruising in this unassuming yet massively powerful Audi A8 W12. Watch them take that extra spin around the block, activate the […]

Indian Summer Drive

Fall has just arrived when our couple comes to a ,tipping point, in their relationship. A little fun in BMW’s new convertible might be all they need to get back on track. Shot in the Palisades, Los Angeles – this multi-media shoot was streamlined by using the RED Epic camera that simultaneously captured both motion […]

To Grandmother’s House We Go

‘Tis the season to kick it into gear.  As you’re making your last minute arrangements for the Holiday Season, don’t forget to buckle up as you blast off to Grandma’s. Featured here is a Nissan GT-R known for its raw power and a launch sequence that instantly takes you to 60 mph in under 3 […]

Rolling in Summer in a Hot Lotus

The hot orange and blue skies make me want to take a cruise through the canyons and have a beach day.  This Lotus Exige was photographed for Robb Report’s Collection Magazine.  Lotus prides itself on making no nonsense vehicles, so it is necessary to show that this beautiful machine is light weight, responsive, and fun.