New Beauty Experts


Throughout the years working with New Beauty Magazine, I am always appreciative of my rewarding experiences on set. This time around, I was commissioned to take portraits of some of the most outstanding beauty doctors in the U.S.


I made sure to take time to talk with these specialists about their practices and I was extremely impressed with their genuine passion for patient satisfaction. It was wonderful to find ethical and highly principled  surgeons and a group of individuals that broke all negative preconceived notions about the cosmetics world.


While taking portraits with these brilliant doctors and surgeons, I made sure to stay very communicative and flexible. High-profile professionals enjoy hearing the timeline of the shoot because of their very tight schedules ” letting them know details like, wardrobe change or even how many more shots to keep smiling.  Over time my interaction with these clients has enabled me to achieve consistent results and rave reviews from New Beauty magazine and my subjects too.

Thanks everyone, you are all too beautiful!

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