Drive Like a Woman


I’ll admit it, I’m staring at you in traffic.

I can’t help it! In LA, people basically live in their cars. They eat, take language courses, get dressed, pick their nose, and do their make up ” all in the comfort of their vehicles. It’s fascinating (and sometimes terrifying) to watch.

Playing with that idea, I challenge my fellow car-dwellers to stop and smell the leather interior. In a well-tuned car like the Audi RS7, you begin to appreciate the experience of œjust driving ” the visuals of the high-tech displays, the sound of the engine, the feel of changing gears, the taste of adrenaline as you hit a hairpin turn. There is so much to enjoy about driving this vehicle that you suddenly don’t feel hungry, thirsty, or the need to curl your eyelashes.


For this shoot, I wanted to do something really fun with the wardrobe. My stylist and I played with the idea of racecar drivers’ flame retardant masks, and used a Mortal Combat-style hood and mask to say: In this vehicle, you’re no ordinary driver.


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