Turning to the Dark Side


I’ve done  done repeated work with clients in the pages of beauty magazines such as New Beauty ” yet this is the first time my work has been Botched.

Approached by our friends at Oishii Creative, I was appointed as the director of photography to create lovely portraits of gorgeous models to be used in the opening credit for Botched, E!’s new hit reality show. The pulsating storyline follows the path of doctors and patients who have experienced less then ideal treatments, yet consequentially partake in new surgeries to continue the search for idealized œperfection.


The great shots I took were then handed over to Oishii Creative for mark up and distortion.  It was quite interesting to see how the Oishii team transformed beautiful portraiture into a post-surgical mess. My hands still remained clean, yet the work came out twisted and well ” Botched.

Job well done team.


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