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The Luxury of Water

Here in L.A., if people aren’t talking about movies, we’re talking about the drought. We talk so much about the lack of water that there

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The Luxury of Adventure

I love the thrill of adventure”no matter how big or small. Having the luxury to explore, whether in a foreign country or just your own

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The Luxury of Falling

Today I want to talk about the luxury of falling. I know what you’re thinking: That sounds scary, not like a luxury. But having the

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The Luxury of Warmth

After a long, cold winter, things are finally warming up. The days are getting longer and new buds are beginning to appear on trees and

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The Luxury of Snow

The sight of snow always amazes me. You see, I grew up on the beach. In winter, the powdery white stuff under my feet was

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Let’s Ride: Love / Hate

The bond between siblings is unique ” you spend your childhood forced to spend most of your time together, competing for the attention of your

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No Opener, No Problem

Don’t get stuck with an unopened bottle this weekend ” use this method to open a bottle like a badass. This video is dedicated to my Kuya

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Let’s Ride!

For my latest series, ,Let’s Ride,, I’ve tagged along with a family to see wildflowers in bloom, escaped the city with young lovers to frolic

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