Speed. Romance. Luxury.

Fast cars, premiere locations, stories of love, and so many talented people ” I want to share. Through my work with ultra-luxury editorial clients ” including Robb Report ” it’s actually easier for me to get my hands on a Bentley than a Chevy, easier for me to shoot at a five-star resort than a warehouse downtown. A […]

Bierut in LA

A rockstar in the world of design, Michael Beirut came to LA and sold out the 300 person Independent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. Beirut is one of the partners at Pentagram, the world’s largest independent advertising agency. The format of his presentation was a loose lesson plan that covered inspirations, experiences, hard truths, all […]

Battle Against Myopia

Master Lock has been able to remain a household name because of good design. Peering through this iconic bullet hole is Chief Marketing Director, Scott Williams. For this AIGA LA event, Williams was at A+D Museum in Los Angeles to rage war against myopia in design. Williams was armed with his years of experiences working […]

Teach Green

The Brentwood School has four new ,eco friendly, classrooms designed by Gen 7.  The academic standards of excellence at the Brentwood School and the innovative  design and sustainability of Gen 7 are a perfect match.  The build only took a matter of weeks to install on this prestigious campus.  These structures are powered by the solar panel […]

BRAND = Font + Color

  Meet Jean Francois Porchez.  In fashion so much of what makes a piece fashionable can be found in the details.  This is true in the fashion of graphic design and typography.  As example, the flourish style for a serif or the weight of a line are some of the many defining characteristics of a font.  Porchez has […]

Immersed in Design

             I am meeting some very smart, talented and interesting people.  As one the newest members of the AIGA Los Angeles (and the newly appointed Chair of Content and Media for AIGA Los Angeles) I have been taking portraits of the many top designers that pass through the events the organization holds quarterly and consulting […]

Simplify Valentine’s Day

Haven’t made your reservations yet? Even if you have … consider simplifying your Valentine’s Day. And add some simple luxuries. Take the dogs out for a long walk. Spend time together. Enjoy each other’s company, cook a great dinner, pick up that dessert you both always want, but are usually too full to enjoy. Don’t […]

The Luxury of Happiness

On the morning of New Year’s Eve I made a trip to my beach side hometown, Port Hueneme, CA. In need of perspective, I visited some of my favorite thinking spots along Pacific Coast Highway. These places included Missile Park and an area I used to rock climb along the coast. My final destination that […]

Savory Sweet Thanks

I just wanted to send a quick pause and give thanks to the small ways we have made 2011 a Little More Luxurious.  Whether it is a slice of pumpkin pie, a sip of a great dessert wine, or an extra dollop of ice cream, treat yourself to something sweet and savory this coming Thanksgiving.

Here Come the Fashion Police

On a rooftop in Downtown Los Angeles we had a photo shoot with Giuliana Rancic – host of E! News and Fashion Police. Armed with a talented group of women who took care of make up, hair, and wardrobe, we were able to get three amazing looks done in a few different locations in a […]