Honeymoon with Refugees: The Luxury of Giving

Refugees are people. It can be easy to forget, until you witness their struggles firsthand. Mothers, husbands, grandparents, children ” families not so different from ours ” displaced by conflict in Syria. This post is not about luxurious places or things, but instead the luxury of being able to help our fellow humans in crisis. […]

No Opener, No Problem

Don’t get stuck with an unopened bottle this weekend ” use this method to open a bottle like a badass. This video is dedicated to my Kuya (Elder Brother) Hadgi, who was the one who taught me the ,Second Bottle Method, six years ago. The whole extended family was drinking together in a mountain farm town in The […]

New Beauty Experts

Throughout the years working with New Beauty Magazine, I am always appreciative of my rewarding experiences on set. This time around, I was commissioned to take portraits of some of the most outstanding beauty doctors in the U.S. I made sure to take time to talk with these specialists about their practices and I was […]

The Robb Report Serves up Micro-Brews

Ultra-Affluent. Ultra-Luxury. Welcome to the Robb Report¦ Beer anyone? Working with Robb Report for almost eight years now, I was delighted when they approached me with a tall glass of beer. Amongst the growing US market in micro-brews, the sophisticated readership at Robb Report are getting an introduction to the ways of a long established […]

Alfa Females

One vintage, cherry red convertible. Two gorgeous best friends. The open road. Perfect festival weather. When women’s fashion line Love Stitch approached me to photograph for their lookbook, they already knew they wanted to shoot their boho-style pieces in an outdoor setting. As soon as I saw the collection, I immediately suggested a summer festival […]

Playing With Toys

Riding fast along Pismo Beach with my family is one of my most memorable activities  ” a lovely experience I get to share annually. High-octane vehicles shredding through the beachside dunes, the thrill of adventure seams to fuel even the youngest in the family. œHey girls ” helmets ready! As an automotive/lifestyle director and photographer ATVs, sand […]

Investing in People

Who really wants the wolves from Wall Street? Commissioned by Oishii Creative, I was asked to deliver incredible photography of a local investment firm. The goal was to take portraits that differentiate the Californian team at the innovative investment boutique ” First Quadrant ” from the stuffy competition. The shoot was a success. We were able to achieve just […]

The Best of the Best 2014

The rare and the extravagant only come once a year. Working in the world of luxury, it all can look œgreat but what is really the BEST? The Robb Report offers a solution in its 26th Annual The Best of the Best, giving readers a finely curated selection of the best premium products available worldwide. […]

Family Moments

Directing pranks, experiments and overall fooling around brought me back to some good old family fun. Hub network, committed to trendy children’s programming, commissioned me to capture home lifestyle scenes for their network. Generating a fun series of vignettes, I approached each short frame as a still photo, capturing each moment, then piecing them together […]

Keep on Truckin’

What’s worse: being snowed in, or suffering an endless drought? I’d rather be snowed in. I know many of my friends in other parts of the country are having a horrible time with the snow, but if we don’t see a significant amount of rain here soon, I’m going to die of thirst. Trapped by […]